Business Development Intern

Business Development Intern

The roles and responsibilities of an IT Business Development Intern typically include:

  1. Prospecting and Lead Generation: Conducting market research and identifying potential clients or business opportunities within the IT industry. This involves cold calling, email outreach, and networking to generate leads.

  2. Sales Support: Assisting the sales team by preparing sales presentations, proposals, and contracts. Collaborating with sales representatives to understand customer needs and provide relevant information to support the sales process.

  3. Relationship Building: Building and maintaining relationships with clients, partners, and other stakeholders. This includes attending industry events, conferences, and meetings to expand the network and promote the organization's IT solutions.

  4. Market Analysis: Monitoring and analyzing industry trends, competitor activities, and customer feedback. Providing insights and recommendations to improve business strategies, product offerings, and market positioning.

  5. CRM Management: Utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to manage and update customer information, track sales activities, and generate reports. Ensuring accurate and timely data entry to facilitate effective communication and collaboration within the team.

  6. Collaboration and Coordination: Working closely with cross-functional teams such as marketing, product development, and customer support to align business objectives and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Coordinating internal resources to meet client requirements and deadlines.

  7. Training and Development: Continuously learning about the organization's products and services, as well as industry trends and best practices. Participating in training programs and acquiring knowledge and skills related to IT solutions, sales techniques, and business development strategies.

  8. Reporting and Analysis: Compiling and analyzing sales data, performance metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of business development efforts. Presenting findings to management and making recommendations for improvement.

  9. Administrative Tasks: Assisting with administrative tasks such as maintaining documentation, scheduling meetings, and organizing business development materials. Ensuring smooth operations and efficient workflow within the business development department.

  10. Professional Growth: Actively seeking opportunities for professional growth and development. This may include attending workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance skills in sales, communication, and IT industry knowledge.


2023-05-22 - 2023-06-30

HR Team Lead

HR Team Lead


  • Create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture
  • Set clear team goals
  • Delegate tasks and set deadlines
  • Oversee day-to-day operation
  • Monitor team performance and report on metrics
  • Motivate team members
  • Discover training needs and provide coaching
  • Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
  • Recognize high performance and reward accomplishments
  • Encourage creativity and risk-taking
  • Suggest and organize team building activities

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a team leader or supervisor
  • In-depth knowledge of performance metrics
  • Good PC skills, especially MS Excel
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Degree in Management or training in team leading is a plus

2022-12-22 - 2022-12-31

Website Designer (URJA 22)

Website Designer

We are looking for a talented Web Designer to create amazing user experiences.  The ideal candidate should have an eye for clean and artful web design. They should also have superior user interface design skills.
The successful candidate will be able to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artifacts. They will be able to transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional designs.
Responsibilities :
- Execute all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering
- Conceptualize original website design ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness to complex roadblocks
- Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to communicate interaction and design ideas
- Present and defend designs and key deliverables to peers and executive level stakeholders
- Establish and promote design guidelines, best practices and standards

2022-12-07 - 2022-12-31

IT Operation Executive (URJA 22)

IT Operation Executive

  • Operations Executive express their operations strategies and objectives to make sure that the company which they are working for reaches its target and operates effectively.
  • Assisting various other higher and co-executives and also the owner of the company or may be the company's Board Of Directors.
  • Professionals doing an Operations Executive job is largely responsible for that particular part of the workplace that instantly manages the entire operations and also looks after the maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Has to report to various parts of the organization in which he or she works at like Chief Operations Officer, Facilities Executive etc, but he or she normally has direct access to the higher management.
  • An Operation Executive also keeps a check on the performance of the operations of both internal service providers and external service providers.

2022-12-06 - 2022-12-31